Terri Ford October 2020


IAPS Eminent Pastelist, PSA-MP, PSWC-DP, PSNM, SPS.

Terri Ford is a master pastelist with The Pastel Society of America and ' Distinguished Pastelist ' with the Pastel Society of the West Coast and Pastel Society of New Mexico, and an artist member of the California Art Club. She was the ' Invitee de Honor ' of the Art du Pastel France 2017. Her greatest inspiration is capturing the landscape in its ever changing light and conditions. Terri has been to Haut Baran many times and loves the light and landscape of our area. Please join Terri  this October ( 3-9, leave 10th ) at the Haut Baran which is the beginning of the grape harvest. For more information please contact us : hautbaranfrance@gmail.com for Terri's workshop information file with price, what is included and sample itinerary. 

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