Featured Artist: Richard McKinley

2016 was a fantastic year for art workshops!

Richard McKinley painting from the heights of Domme which is a regular stop on the Domaine du Haut Baran/McKinley itinerary. A bastide town built of honey colored stone perched high above the Dordogne river valley, Domme is one of those 'something for everyone' locations (painting , shopping, history). Founded by Philip the Bold in 1283 the bastide or fortified village played an important role in the 100 years war. The northwest rim is where Richard likes to set up his easel, giving him a panoramic view of the fertile valley stretching all the way to the horizon. Accepting only 12 students per workshop Richard is the consummate painter/instructor.

In the photos below we have Richard's lineup of talented pastel painters on the terrace at Haut Baran and relaxing on the banks of the Dordogne river in LaRoque-Gageac. After a day painting in Domme, LaRoque is a popular spot to photograph/unwind before heading back to the Haut Baran. A medieval village built into a sheer cliff dotted with ancient troglodyte dwellings, LaRoque-Gageac is also known for its Gabarre boat rides!

The total package, Richard’s workshop is a model to emulate. From the wonderful interactions with the local people, to the fantastic food and wine, to the unique medieval valley landscape, to Richard’s expert instruction for beginners to master painters, to enjoying every moment, the Domaine du Haut Baran and Richard McKinley want to make sure that everyone has the experience of a lifetime!

Join Richard in 2018 when he returns to the Domaine du Haut Baran for 2 separate 7 dayworkshop sessions : ( June 24-30, leave July 1st, 2018 ) or ( July 2-8, leave 9th, 2018 ). Email us at: hautbaranfrance@gmail.com for more information.

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Featured Artist: Richard McKinley Featured Artist: Richard McKinley Featured Artist: Richard McKinley
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